The charming winegrowing village of Ligerz lies on the left shore of Lake Biel, on the German/French linguistic boundary between Twann and La Neuveville, and covers an area of 179 ha with the districts of Ligerz, Schernelz, Bipschal and Kleintwann. The mild climate, the vineyard slopes and the cheerful atmosphere give Ligerz a somewhat Mediterranean feel.


With its church in the middle of a vineyard acting as the symbol of winemaking at Lake Biel, Ligerz has become something of an anomaly – Ligerz has learned to preserve it's charming character as a winegrowing village by the lake without becoming a museum.


Besides the around 30 winegrowing busineses, Ligerz is home to 2 professional fishermen, a range of craftsman’s workshops and a violin maker.